Wm.exchanger section

These rules are part of the general service rules Exchanger.ru

This section facilitates secure and guaranteed online exchanges of various WM-Currencies (WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU, WMB, WMG, WMX, WMK, WMV) between registered WebMoney Transfer customers.

Registered customers are only permitted to make these exchanges within the purses contained in their own account. For example, when a customer pays for exchange from WMZ to WMR, WMR will be added to the R-Purse, belonging to that WMID, from which the WMZ payment has been initiated. Exchange transactions can not be paid to any third party, this is not possible.

Currency exchanges between customers are performed without any extra fees or commissions under the conditions which are agreed on when an offer is listed. As usual the standard WebMoney Outgoing Transaction Fee, minimum of 0.8% but not more than 50, still applies to these transactions.

To guarantee successful and secure exchange transactions the following procedures are in place:

  • amount, subject to the exchange is transferred to the specially dedicated Purses, belonging to the Service. This motivates all exchange participants to follow the agreed terms and exchange rates accurate;

  • exchanged amounts are paid out automatically immediately upon receiving the funds from the counter-exchange party (last in the chain of payments for counter bids).

How the Section works:

  • The first participant places a new bid to exchange WMZ, WMR, WMU, WMB, WMG, WMX, WMK, WMV or WME (in any direction). Amount of the bid on the exchange is taken automatically via merchant.wmtransfer.com. As soon as it is processed, new bid appears in the List.

  • The second participant, who wants to make an exchange, places a cross (counter)- bid, agreeing to the terms and exchange rates at the bid, chosen by him from the list and paid in the same method. When the bids are processed both parties receive exchanged funds to their Purses according to their WMID which was used when placing that bid.

  • Every participant can trace and control his bid at any time during this process.

  • Any new (not counter) bid can be deleted before the exchange is performed. Please note that the System's fee of 0.8% is not refunded.

  • If no actions were performed for the bid put into queue (e.g. exchange rate update, merger with another bid, partial exchange) within 180 days from its publication, amount is returned to the owner's purse. The System's commission (0.8% but not more than USD/Eur 50) that was charged when the bid was placed is not returned. If any action or change in the bid by the user is executed its validity is prolonged starting from the action date.

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