How to purchase several bids from the list at a time?

For those customers, who need to exchange big amount, it's easier to purchase several (most favorable) bids at a time. Sometimes, these bids can be small or very small, but still very profitable. But here is the problem, you have to pick up every bid separately and pay it one after another via merchant interface - it takes time.

There is a solution to solve it. Instead of choosing and paying someone else's bids, you can place your own bid for the needed currency and pay for it once. Then you should open New Bids List and just purchase most favorable bids from the counter-currency list. It can be done in one click - there is no need to pay for each bid separately, as you have already paid for your own bid.

For example: you have 2000 WMZ and you need to buy WMP. There are only 10 bids at WMP -> WMZ exchange section that suit you.

  1. You should open Place New Bid;
  2. Choose an exchange direction WMZ->WMP, and specify 2000 as WMZ amount; knowingly indicate an overpriced (as to the current exchange rate)amount in WMP 87.9595, that is put as an exchange rate, which is too high to be taken for example 5% plus - 184714.95 WMR;
  3. Then pay the bid as usual, via Merchant Interface;
  4. Go to New Bids List and click on your own new and paid bid;
  5. Choose "Purchase via conversion...", and then you just need to click 10 times on a "Purchase this bid via conversion" link, by that converting your new bid to the counter bid. You will then exchange your 2000 WMZ to the 10 most favorable bids from the counter-exchange list.

Find the list of other options available from the New Offer Operations List, below:

  • update your new bid exchange rate - useful when profitable bids are over and you need to place your bid with necessary rate, so someone can pick it up;
  • combining several bids into one – it is useful if you have new amounts to be exchanged but still have new bid.

If you need to trace and control the exchange bids volume, you can use the appropriate XML interface, described at Terms of Use.